Gabriele Harrer-Puchner

Founder and CEO, Expert in Holistic System Analysis
System Logics T.T. GmbH
System Logics T.T. GmbH is a management consulting, training and research company based on system oriented management approaches of ecologic, social and economic systems.

We support our clients to tackle with high complexity, dynamics and interconnectivity.

The aim is to create future proof, viable and adaptable systems, productivity and stability. In this way, we also bring innovative and systemic insights to life and show to future paths of entrepreneurship, education or civic engagement.
Why we are a good choice?

Our many years of experience in the analysis of a wide variety of systems offer you a proven approach to mastering complex issues.
Our work is based on 30 years of practical application and continuous further development of holistic system analysis
We have proved to be highly qualified professionals working with both small businesses and large brands, NGO's and educational and democratic organizations and associations.
Individual approach in the communication and cooperation with our clients
We support our customers in developing a common understanding of complex issues in order to derive and evaluate system-relevant strategies and measures.

We focus on your needs and requirements. We live transparency and cooperation.
We collaborate with a worldwide network of experienced experts in system analysis and system oriented management.
We offer a wide range of consulting services in creative areas.

See what we can offer your organization.
Our services
We offer a wide range of consulting, training, research and development.
Strategic and System oriented Management
We develop strategies and measures based on interactive holistic system analysis.

Our approach provides a common and fact based understanding of the complex interdependencies and therefore security in the decision making - whether this is a company or NGO, a region, a city or a community or an individual.

Holistic System Analysis
Only in an iterative process of holistic system analysis does the system and its interrelationships become accessible to those involved. Our holistic system analysis enables you to track and analyse complex interdependencies and to identfy powerful levers and chances. Through various forms of visualization and fuzzy simulation the insights and results can easily be documented and communicated transparently.
Our computer-aided System Logics Tools support interactive cooperation and the joint development of future-proof strategies and sustainable measures.
Development of modeling tools and simulation games
We also develop new products and business tools for system modeling, evaluation and simulation based on many years of consulting and training practice.
Our iterative and evolutionary process
The process of a holistic system analysis is characterized through mainly eight iterative steps, which have been assembled by System Logics T.T. on the basis of various concepts of the system thinking sciences. Gabriele Harrer-Puchner sharpend and consolidated the process through many years of both practical applications and research.

The process is supported by own webbased system modeling and simulation tools and online games in continuous and client specific further developments.
What will you get?
Clear understanding of a business conception - as a complex system
Our system experts cover all fields of businesses with professional expertise and long years practical experience. Each project is designed together with our clients in order to develop each project with comprehensible results, effectiveness and transparency.
You save your time and wrong investments
Our process guides you from the early beginning in a structured and evolving way to identify the true levers, critical and risky variables, blind spots or unknown chances in your system.
Productivity elevation
The common and fact-based knowledge about the identified levers and strategical lanes makes sure, that all participants know the common targets and ways how to reach them. This helps to maximise the productivity of a business or of an administration and its short- and long-term viability, resilience and sustainability.

Meet our team of experts
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
Gabriele Harrer-Puchner
Founder & CEO, Expert in Systems Modelling.

As a studied Geologist, she has a broad basis in natural sciences. After 18 years of close scientific co-operation with Prof. Frederic Vester and his Study Group for Biology and Environment, Munich, she worked 10 years with Prof. Fredmund Malik in St.Gallen.

In 2015 she founded her indendent System Logics T.T. GmbH in St.Gallen, Switzerland.

She is member of various associations as: Int. Society of Systems Sciences ISSS; German Associaton for Human Ecology DGH; Visiting Professor at Capital University of Economies and Business, Bejing, China; Associated Member of the mobil.LAB Doctoral Research Group, Technical University Munich; Member of the Scientific Board of Scientists for Future, S4F.

Gabriele is the voice of our company. With her broad experience with all kinds of complex systems, with business fields, with different cultures and target groups, she is designing the consulting and training projects to make our clients feel cared and enjoy the collaboration with the company.

Josef Müller
Graduate computer scientist,
Head of System Logics T.T. Software Development.

Josef Müller is the main developer of Frederic Vesters computer simulation game ecopolicy® and of various computerized tools for holistic system analysis in planning and management.

The specialist in simulation and gamification, worked 20 years for Prof. Frederic Vester and his Study Group for Biology and Environment, Munich and later,- together with Gabriele Harrer-Puchner - 10 years for Prof. Fredmund Malik in St.Gallen as freelancer.

Since 2017 Josef Mueller developes innovative webbased tools for participative, collaborative system analysis in close collaboration with Gabriele Harrer-Puchner. This approach and the webbased tools are applied in virtual, interactive workshops and projects with international partners.

As a specialist in simulation approaches, he develops simulation scenarios and evaluation tools and continuously further develops the System Logics Software Tools upon new technological and social demands.
Prof. Dr. Thomas Göllinger
Von März bis September 2022 als Gastwissenschaftler bei System Logics T.T.
Prof.Dr. Thomas Göllinger is a systemically oriented economics, management and sustainability scientist at HTWG Konstanz, Institute for Strategic Innovation and Transformation, IST

Teaching in industrial engineering (Sustainable Energy Management, Sustainable Mobility, Planning andOrganization, Innovation and Transformation Management).

Research, transfer and consulting on topics of sustainability-oriented innovation and transformation, especially on evolutionary and systemic explanation and decision methods with application to concepts of energy, mobility and industry transformation as well as other sustainability challenges.

During his research semester at System Logics T.T. from March to September 2022, Thomas Göllinger is working with the team on system methodology issues, the possibility of integrating the UN-SDG into systemic assessment approaches, and the extension of system models and sub-scenarios in the context of energy, mobility and industry transformation. The collaboration with System Logics T.T. has since then been continuied in further relevant research and publication projects.

2023 he is advisor in the Joint project of System Logics T.T. with the Architects for Future „System Analysis Buildings and Construction”.

Previous joint publications:

Göllinger, T./Harrer, G.: Biokybernetik und Sustainability. Dialog über die „Biokybernetischen Grundregeln". In: Bd. 12 der Betriebswirtschaftlichen Schriften über Rechte der Natur / Biokratie. Hrsg.: Haus der Zukunft Hamburg, S. 43-69, Marburg 2015.

Göllinger, T./Harrer-Puchner, G.: 40 Jahre Neuland des Denkens – Frederic Vesters programmatische Schrift für eine nachhaltige Zukunft. IöB-Schriften 1/2020, Siegen.

Göllinger, T./Harrer-Puchner, G.: Bioökonomie aus Perspektive der Biokybernetik.
In: Jeschke, B.G./Heupel, T. (Hrsg.): Bioökonomie. Impulse für ein zirkuläres Wirtschaften. Springer-Gabler, Wiesbaden 2022, S. 57-89.
Emil Underberg
Managing Director Ökozucht Buckow GmbH
efficient, human- & environment-friendly
Life Science & sustainable development
idea, potential, synergy & solution finding
conflict & problem solving
vital land use & vital food quality

The Ökozucht Buckow GmbH (Ltd.) is working in the field of
1. Research, 2. Learning & Training & 3. Consultancy
in the fields of sustainable 1. Agricultural Research, 2. Forestry Research, 3. Food quality research and health, 4. Sustainable development research, researching the principles and mechanisms of the overall system nature and the transfer of principles and mechanisms
to the subsystems society and the "sub-subsystems" economy.

Emil Underberg contributes with his broad knowledge and practical global experience in our consulting and training projects in all contexts of sustainability and human behaviour - from regenerative agriculture and forestry, organic food, to climate protection, from mediation, large group processes, non violent communication and consensus techniques.

Recent collaboration projects with Gabriele are the development of the
"Pre-Summit 4Futures" in the context of Prof. Günter Faltins Entrepreneurship Summit in Berlin from 2019 to 2023 in Berlin and the scientific collaboration with the Scientists for Future.
Phone: +49 177 682 14 34

Georg Wagener-Lohse
Dr.-Ing. Georg Wagener-Lohse is an expert in sustainable energy systems based on a solid education in mechanical and Process engineering and a doctorate in practical emission reduction of fluidized bed combustion. Additional studies in Energy management formed the basis for many years of consulting and dissemination work in the new German states where he held positions for companies of State of Brandenburg in energy conservation, economic development and technology dissemination.

Since 2009 he has been working as strategic consultant in the energy sector and as a member of the board he is closely connected to associations such as the Berlin based Innovation Network FEE e. V and the German Renewable Energies and a doctorate in practical emission reduction of fluidized bed combustion. Additional studies in Energy management formed the basis for many years of consulting and dissemination work in the new German states where he held positions for companies of State of Brandenburg in energy conservation, economic development and technology dissemination.

His cooperation with Gabriele began within the framework of the EU project FUTUREforest, which he set up for the Brandenburg Forest Administration. With 7 years of experience in teaching in the entire field of renewable energies and circular economy at the Faculty of Environment of the Brandenburg University of Technology he is a committed mediator for changing messages.
Dr. Georg Wagener-Lohse
network new energy - Strategic Energyconsulting

Dr. Franz W. Gatzweiler
With a background in ecological, institutional and resource economics, until recently, Dr. (habil.) Franz Gatzweiler was Senior Research Advisor at the United Nations University Institute in Macau.

Now he is Professor and senior advisor for the Chinese Academy of Science at the Institute of Urban Environment in Xiamen, China.

From 2014-2022, Dr. Gatzweiler was Professor at the Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Science in Xiamen and executive director of the global science programme on Urban Health and Wellbeing: A Systems Approach, which is an affiliated body of the International Science Council (ISC).
Séverine Lehmann
Executive Assistant
Open your mind to new experiences
My Name ist Gabriele Harrer-Puchner. I am designing projects in consulting and training on the basis of holistic system analysis and system modeling since 30 years.
I am convinced, that only a co-developed systemic understanding and holistic system analysis allows the planning, management and future oriented development of complex systems.
(C) Copyright Gabriele Harrer-Puchner, 2023

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