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“Project Report System Analysis Building & Construction”

will soon be published by BBSR

“Dealing with complexity and transformation”

Introductory Workshops in Systems Thinking and holistic System Analysis
Background, methods, tools, practical exercise
Online and on site
Open groups or onsite inhouse

“Dealing with complexity as a key competence”

Networked thinking and action.
Training at the University of the Federal Armed Forces, May 2024

New workshops coming soon!

Conferences 2024 with contributions by System Logics T.T. GmbH & Network

Projektetage 2024 des BBSR online

Presentation of our research project
“System Analysis Building and Architecture”
12. - 13. März, online (German)

Systems Thinking

Guest lecture at Applied University for Vorarlberg
Mastercourse of Prof. Willy Kriz and Prof. Werner Manahl
April, 4, 2024

“Sufficiency – the human scale”

Jahrestagung 2024 der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Humanökologie
May, 23 - 25, 2024
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Umgang mit Komplexität als Schlüsselkompetenz.
Vernetztes Denken und Handeln.

Training an der Universität der Bundeswehr im Mai 2024

“SDGs and Holistic System Analysis”

Save the date: contribution by Gabriele Harrer-Puchner and Emil Underberg
Entrepreneurship Summit Berlin 2024
Oct, 12.- 13.2024, Berlin and online

Commented Links and Sources

Frederic Vester:

Die Kunst, vernetzt zu denken.
Ideen und Werkzeuge für einen neuen Umgang mit Komplexität

Ein Bericht an den Club of Rome.
DVA, dtv Munich, 12 ed. 1999-2019. New at Phanteon Verlag, Munich, 12. Ed.. 2019.

English version of Frederic Vesters book “Die Kunst, vernetzt zu denken”:
The Art of Interconnected Thinking. Tools and concepts for a new approach to tackling complexity.
MCB Verlag, Munich 2007.

Göllinger, Thomas und Harrer-Puchner, Gabriele (2022):

Bioökonomie aus Perspektive der Biokybernetik

In: Heupel, T., Jeschke, B.: Bioökonomie. Impulse für ein zirkuläres Wirtschaften. SpringerGabler, FOM. S. 57-89
(«Bioeconomy from the perspective of biocybernetics»)

Leonard, A., Scholte, T., Shepherd, K., Truss, J., (2021):

Cybernetics Approaches and Models

In: Metcalf et al., (eds): Handbook of Systems Sciences. Springer Nature, Singapore
(Contribution by Allenna Leonard. Frederic Vester’s Bio-cybernetic Planning and Management
Approach of the Sensitivity Model. Methodological Background. See p. 75-78)


“Pre-Summit for futures”

Entrepreneurship Summit Berlin, 2023